Rasto Zelina



Experienced, creative person full of enthusiasm with a sensitive approach to the needs of clients and colleagues,

 prepared to face news challenges.


Below you will find out why I am called

Universal Soldier






Autocad ,  Autocad 3D modeling , Advance Steel

Over 10 years professional CAD works


Between 2007-2013 I was working for small building company Technomol s.r.o. (Slovakia)

Company is focused to bulding constructions from wood glued beams and metal materials.

This work was pretty impressive for me and allowe me teach and use

3D modeling software Autocad with Advance Steel extension.

Now is Advance Steel part of Autodesk one of leader of CAD software and BIM solutions.


My role in this company was:


Cooperation with Architect find best solutions for project and eliminate mistakes before realisation project

3D Modeling using CAD software

Preproduction Visualisations

Creating Plans and Drawings


Here is links to Technomol references company website and my selected work for them.


Roof constructions for that projects under, was build from my realisations plans

Here is various type of constructions.



Dializa Trstena- My last project for them, Summer terase Golf Club-Malacky, Wellness Hotel Banik- High Tatras,

Tatranská Lomnica-skitrack, Apartman Houses-Golfclub Bernolakovo, Wellness JOSU Zuberec, Log cabin-Pravenec ,

Golf Club - backup cabine -  Malacky, SaltStorage -Bešeňová, Wellness - Čertov, Town square - Kozárovce, Dunajská Lužná,

Firma Král - extension, MultiHall- Liptovský Mikuláš, Poprad Tatry- Airport Terminál and  more..


When you need see more detailed view please download this small pack, it is zip file

 and there you can find some 3D models with realisation plans, drawings and pictures too.


For viewing  *.dwf or  *.dwfx you can use DWG TrueView for Windows platform or

For Mac's,  Free online:  A360 Viewer





Ability learn stuff about computers continuously.


Computers are a very important part of my working life, without this knowledge I would probably do something else.


Along with the need to use CAD programs, I needed some computer basics.

When I first encountered a personal computer, there was only the English version of operating systems and programs.

Here are the roots of my English knowledge.


Based on computer knowledge, I started doing business and as a freelancer working for the Geodetic Office.

With the help of digital instruments: Total Station Sokkia, Topcon, Leica, GPS-Trimble,

we did measured the lands for needs of gas, telecommunication, electric companies.

In 1997, GPS technology was not common. Without the knowledge of computer technology, it was inapplicable.


With the need to process these data, this work has brought me to CAD programs.


At that time computer repairs were not common, so I learned how to manage the system myself, assemble my first computer.

Later, create local networks and computer solutions for small businesses.

I was focused on Windows. I know this system since Win95 and I still consider myself like power user.

I have experience and general overview of Windows servers and some basics with Linux systems.

Unfortunately Mac’s I did not use too match.


Adobe family programs: I used  InDesign, Photoshop, Flash for Web design works

Experience with SEO, Google Analitics, PPC campaigne.

I have used these experiences to manage e-shop, self-promotion and client promotion.



Irish Trip




The goal of my Irish mission was to learn the English language.


Other benefits:


Work in an international team

Communication in English

Job in the sector where I worked before: Advertising, Computer work

Ability to adopt work an unknown environment.

Ability to adopt work in a company with its own corporate culture


Where i was working and what i do:


Arctic Spas

I worked here as a operator


DSG Retail Ireland Limited PC WORLD Cork and Waterford.

I worked as a marchendiser, customer support , computer servis,


I write about my work in Ireland because it is similar to the Germany trip



German Trip




The goal of my German mission is to learn the German language

To find a stable job

To find a interesting job

To find long term contract

Work in the construction area using CAD systems or work with computers


Actual state:



I worked in an international team

Communication in Germany

Work with iron structure

Schüco -  aluminum construction system

Experience in German working area for 3 years.


Need improve:

Still need improve my German languages skill


Where i was working and what i do:


Peters Personal GmbH

Schüco systems, http://www.metallbau-mieth.de, operator


GPM Anlagenbau & Industrienlagen GmbH

Metal costructions, sendwich panel system  for  stahlbau-perthel , operator



I have many years of experience with digital camera. My camera is always with me.

It's not my priority, but I like working with the camera.

See some sample I've done since 1997.







As a self-employer I have worked and have experience with:

 Web design, Advertising banners, Flash Banners, Animations

e-Shop management, SEO, PPC Campaigns, Google analytics


My work for  PC World in Ireland  like marchendiser, creating posters for sale


All these works are related to digital technologies and computer knowledge and their use.


Work on advertising projects for national television.


It was a series of "WEST EXTRA DÁVKA" (extra portion) for television.

for imagine check this link or google it.

This was popular Competition series for young peoples with interest for Adrenaline Sports..


It was about 5 years of project focused on Adrenaline sports:

Mountain Biking, Kayacking, Climbing, Snowboarding, Watercraft Machines, Snow Scooter and more.


I was worked in a group that doing back up work.

built racing tracks for bikers , downhill , trial tracks etc..

all organized games at different times of the year seasson.

For example, in summer water sports, climbing, at winter snowboarding, skiing.


I am talking about that because it is lot of similarities to the job you are doing.


This experience could be useful when I will working at Schneestern.







Rastislav Zelina




Wife Andrea

Father of 2





Na Sihoti 1173/20-2

Dolny Kubin






I am Sport Positive.


Since my early age, I have a relationship with sport.

 I had a talent for athletics sports since I was a Primary School.

Most used sport tool for last past 3 years





I've always wanted a BMX or Trial bike.

Finaly i bought first, just three years ago ...






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